Saturday, September 08, 2007

fall cleaning

i had planned to do homework all day today, but randy wanted to clean the room. he was really frustrated with the state of chaos that our room was in (and has been for months).

i decided the best thing to do was clean. homeowork can always wait until tomorrow.... i hope. i have more cleaning to do. oh well. making randy happy is more important. it feels like i haven't done anything for him in quite some time.

the room looks better, but that's because most of the mess is still spread out all over the back yard and has yet to make it's way back into our room.

there is actually more of a mess than when we started, but that's the way it goes isn't it? you pull everything out, throw away all the stuff you can't understand why you kept in the first place, and then repack all the stuff you will probably never use in boxes and store that for another 3 years.

wish me luck on cleaning.

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