Sunday, October 07, 2007

wedding photographer

Last night i shot a wedding with a friend. It has reconfirmed the fact that I am not a wedding photographer, but more than that, it has reconfirmed the fact that I NEVER EVER wish to become a wedding photographer.

I'm perfectly happy retouching wedding photographs. as long as I'm behind the keyboard and not the camera, I'm a happy camper.

I admire wedding photographers so much more than I ever have. I will happily pay a wedding photographer, a good one, $4000 or more.

the bright side is that the DJs i met over there were super fantastic! not only was the music very, very good and kept everyone on the dance floor (and kept the photographers dancing and singing along as well), but they helped us so much by giving us tips they learned from other wedding photographers and let us know when something was about to happen such as the first dance, cake cutting, and other special moments. the MCing they did was superb! they were funny and very entertaining.

They not only provide the sound, they provide the lighting! It made the room visually stunning! The dance floor was lit with vibrant colors and even paid attention to special details like lighting the walls and the cake! I've been to quite a number of events in my day and they are by far the best DJs i've ever met.

check them out at: and ask for Jay and Angel.