Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tisha's Wedding Lilies

so, how did the lumen prints of the lilies from tisha's wedding come out? here they are.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

my body, my choice

my friend elizabeth gonzalez is working on a project photographing people from different sides of political view points. krista is pro-choice and the idea was proposed to write "my body my choice" on her belly.

my roll in this is that i got to write the words on krista's belly with a big, fat sharpie.

of course, i kind of felt left out so i begged to have something written on me too. krista was kind enough to write the word and liz indulged me by taking time to shoot me too.

mucho thanks to liz and krista for humoring a friend.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Miss Amber

amber came in for another photo shoot today in much more casual attire. she hasn't been groomed in a while, so her furry self is much fuller.

as usual she didn't really want her picture taken, walking off the set several times... okay, a lot of times. every now and then she would humor me, at least that's what it felt like, and she would sit long enough for a few pictures.

who you don't see is amber's mother, sitting just off to the right. if her mommy was not there, amber would not be there.

after an hour or so of shooting, miss amber got tired. we pulled out her blanket and her favorite toy. somehow after the blanket and the toy came out and we got her nice and wrapped up, she stayed put, content to let me take picture after picture.

i think i'm getting better at this puppy portrait thing.

thank you to amber's mom for letting me take puppy pictures and for constantly grabbing puppy and placing her royal highness back on set.

Why the Printer Won't Work

I have no idea why I find this so funny.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ash everywhere

there was ash everywhere. it looked like a light flurry of snow falling, but with that overwhelming smell of smoke. who knows if the ash was from the plants that burned or from someone's home that's no longer there.

yesterday when i woke up, i remember thinking i hadn't seen the sky so blue in such a long time. the santa ana winds were getting stronger, it must have blown off all the smog around the area.

several hours later i saw the smoke come in. i remembered hearing about a fire somewhere, but i paid little attention to where it was. i wasn't worried that it might reach our house. we hardly live in a fire prone area. there were fires every year, it wasn't something unheard of.

i had no idea the fires were so close, that it would come close to the homes of people i knew, but would eventually pass them by.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Congrats Rita!

my friend rita gave birth to a happy, healthy, baby boy today. congratulations to the family!

rita was nice enough to let me come to the delivery room and take pictures while she was giving birth. unfortunately, i was trying to get a guest pass and missed the delivery by seconds - literally. the doctor was pulling the baby out just as i was stepping into the room trying to pull the lens cap off the camera.

rita is a brave woman because she had no problem with me taking pictures from any angle. ANY angle. why, those pictures could easily end up here on my blog for all the world wide web to see. okay, so that's not going to happen. i promised i wasn't going to show the business end of her to anyone.

i was even there for baby's first pee pee. i put the fig leaf there for those of you who have issues about seeing a baby's winkie. your welcome.

being there for the birth was an amazing experience. i had no idea of the kinds of emotions that would come up. it was so moving, i thought i was going to cry when they put the baby in rita's arms and she saw the baby for the first time. i know it sounds sappy, but it really is spectacular.

thanks for letting me be there rita. i hope the family is doing wonderful!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Making a Coaxial Cable

randy is now a cable guy. today he showed me how to make my very own coaxial cable.

here it is, step by step. i have no idea what the pieces or tools are called, so they will all just be called "thingy."

first, cut the cable so that the end is straight.

then use a tool thingy to remove the plastic covering over the wires. this one removes two sections at once.

then, pull back the braided wires that are covering up that other silvery part.

then slip the connector thingy over the wire.

use funny tool thingy to make sure connector goes on to wire all the way and crimps on tightly.

and there you have it, my very own coaxial cable. i feel so manly making my own.

Dim Sum

randy and i love to eat dim sum. the place we end up going to the most is great seafood harbor in cerritos, mostly because it's close to the house.

i usually estimate how authentic and good an ethnic food place is by the proportion of people from that culture that are there eating. for instance, if there are more white people (no offense to white people) in a thai restraunt than there are thais, chances are it isn't very authentic thai food.

well, great seafood harbor has a lot of chinese patrons every time i go in. heck, even the people pushing around he dim sum carts and wait tables hardly speak english. most of the communication happens with pointing "i want that one" and nodding or head shaking.

i love the novelty of picking the food i want as the cart goes by. i never seem to get over it.