Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bangkok Burning

Remember a few days ago when I said, for the most part, Bangkok is fine… well, that was a few days ago. Most of the pictures that have come in over the past few days have been of the city burning.

In case you’re wondering, my family and friends are okay, concerned about the situation over there, but okay.

I’m not sure why the Red Shirts are claiming they are peaceful when so much of the city is a charred mess. I seriously doubt the government was the one burning down the buildings.

I miss the Thailand I knew.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Bangkok Normal

I had plans to go to Bangkok this summer. It would have been Randy’s first trip to Thailand, but I’ve decided to cancel my trip because of the Red Shirt political protests that have been going on there.

I honestly think I would be perfectly safe going there, but traveling to the places I would want to go would be inconvenient. I thought about going to Thailand without Randy. It would be interesting to see for myself what’s been going on there and I would still get to see my friends and family, but I might as well wait until things calm down again.

My friend Matt wrote, “for friends not in Bangkok: Just so you know exactly what's happening. points in the city are becoming chaotic. the situation is serious but I am safe at my home and schools are closed so I have no reason to put myself in a dangerous situation. Don't worry for me. Pray for an end to the madness.”

Other friends post about normal things: going to work; having dinner out with a significant other; attending a friend’s child’s birthday party; baking carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, praline chocolate cake and coffee French butter cream chocolate cake; etc. Yes, they all want to see an end to the fighting, but when they mention the protests it seems more like an inconvenience rather than an actual threat.

Another thing I’ve noted is that not a single one of my friends sympathize with the Red Shirts. Most people I’ve heard from believe former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra is just paying people to protest and cause chaos.

While reports from CNN makes Bangkok seem like a war zone right now (and parts of it probably are), reports from my friends in Bangkok via Facebook seem to indicate, for the most part, the city is fine.

It’s important to see the other side. Here are some pictures my friends in Bangkok have posted over the past few days.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Paranormal Orbs


I just caught three ghosts on my camera! Notice the two orbs on the right side of the frame as well as the smoke like form on the left.

There are many people who believe that orbs are ghosts. One theory suggests that ghosts prefer the form of an orb because it takes less energy to form. Another states that, according to the laws of physics, energy being transferring would assume its natural shape of a sphere.

My brother has been showing me orb photographs for years and is utterly convinced that these are pictures of spirits.


It’s just dust people. It’s the light from the flash reflecting off dust (or rain, or snow, or whatever happens to be there) and back into the camera lens. It happens even more frequently with ultra compact cameras where the short distance between the lens and the built-in flash decreases the angle of light reflection to the lens.

As for that smoke like form in the image, it’s just that: smoke. I happened to be smoking a cigarette while taking that picture and the flash reflected off that too.

Give it up people. It’s not a ghost.

Home Sick

I’m at home sick today. I called in sick yesterday too. Is it possible for me to have cabin fever after in just 24 hours?

To keep myself entertained I’ve been catching up on my social media. It’s better than TV! There is just as much drama and I can interact with the characters.

One friend is apparently going through a break-up, another is talking about a country in the throws of a rebellion.

One person is talking about God and how she’s in love with him – oh yes, he is her “lover”, one more buddy is posting pictures of what life is like as an MTV VJ.

Some friends post about births in the family, others post about the passing of a loved one.

Though I haven’t seen many of these people for years, I still feel connected. I sometimes know more about their lives than of those that I actually live with.

Okay, I'm off to down my favorite drug. Mmmmmm.... NyQuil....