Thursday, March 01, 2012

Kitchen Done! Well, almost...

About a year ago my dad decided to let Randy and I live in his rental house. We got the keys in late April and this is what the kitchen looked like on that very first day we went to check it out:

Randy and I made a decision to remodel the kitchen less than 5 minutes after seeing it. To say that the former renters left the place in less than ideal conditions would have been an understatement. Nothing in my arsenal of cleaning supplies was going to get that place clean enough for me to store food in it. I still gag a little every time I think about it. Also, I'm pretty sure those were the original cabinets from 1957.

Less than two weeks later Randy began the process of demolishing our kitchen with our friend The Verg.

After I finished designing the kitchen, it took Randy about a week to install all of the cabinets. A few weeks before the counters were installed Randy and I threw a party for our friend John. Rather than leave the cabinet tops open, Randy placed some cardboard on them so it would look better for our guests. Yes, the alcohol was flowing and for some reason "someone" decided they wanted to sit on our makeshift counter and this is the result:

Well, at least there was no major damage to the cabinets or to our friend, aside from a few broken supports and perhaps a bruised ego. 

The kitchen is pretty much done now, it just needs a few finishing touches and some art on the walls. Here you go folks, our new kitchen! 

And Georgia, please stay off the counters this time. :)