Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm Still Alive

Yes, I'm still alive. I haven't fallen off the blogosphere.

I will be back to posting regularly soon enough, but for now I want to give a shout out to a certain scrap booking maven who's been waiting patiently for me to update this thingy.

I can't wait to catch you guys up on everything.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Gripes about _______.

Once upon a time, I used to work for _______. I used to LOVE working there. I worked at night and the other people on the night crew were great. Since there were only 6 or 7 of us working at night we would play music – LOUDLY - and just work. It was so perfect.

Then things changed. They moved me to the day crew. Most of the people were great, but I was I was beginning to find out that certain members of the management staff were less than stellar. Have you watched Office Space? Yup, it was like that.

The management staff and I had our differences. Let’s just say a certain member of upper management tried to do something illegal and didn’t like it when I called them out on it. Human Resources was there to protect the company, not the employees. I went to speak to the owner/CEO. This person told me, “We don’t want people with ambition to work here.” That was it. I handed in my letter of resignation 3 minutes later.

Ever since then I’ve harbored resentment for _______, both their management and their service/product. Let’s face it, if you’ve ever used _______, you know how expensive their service/product is and if you’ve ever worked there, you know where to get the same product much cheaper.

After attending a certain industry conference I heard that _______ had a change in command. New Management. Yippy. I heard the prices were more reasonable as well. Okay, I’ll give them another shot.

_______ FAIL!

I tried signing up for an account, and after filling out my info and clicking “submit” I received a message that read, "The field, Business State, is not valid." WTF _______, is CALIFORNIA not a state?

I also filled out a form asking for more info and pricing. One question read, “Do you have a studio website/blog?” The pull down menu gave two options: “Yes – I do” and “No – I do not.” I selected “No” only to receive an e-mail an hour later stating that my web site information was incomplete. The email goes on to say: If you… do not have a web site yet that's OK, just let us know.” I did you morons, when I selected “No – I do not.”

The e-mail then says, “Please email your web site or Blog information to for review. How the heck am I supposed to do that? I just said I don’t have one. I should just send them a link to this blog and post.

I went on to twitter to gripe about the situation and @_______michael offered to help. I suppose he tried and I appreciate it. Maybe, perhaps I’ll give them another chance. Maybe. Just maybe.

On the bright side, I made few good friends when I worked at _______, some of whom still work there. They still rock my world.

Note to _______. I actually was trying to set up a legitimate account for my business. So, I don’t have a site yet. Quit asking me for my pro website or blog already. There are other ways to prove I’m legit.