Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cerritos Library

John still doesn't drive. He asked me to drive him to the Cerritos Library so he could take some shots of the architecture. these are his shots. to see more of john's shots from this day, check out john's blog.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Fuel Cell Vehicle

how often does one get to drive a million dollar car? for me, this was my first time.

the car is a prototype for toyota's fuel cell hybrid vehicle. since the car was hand made, it has the hefty price tag of over one million dollars (that's 35,000,000 baht). okay, granted some of you or at least some of the people that we went to school with have that in their wallets, but i'm living paycheck to tiny paycheck.

fuel cell vehicles work by combining hydrogen (thus the fuel cell) with oxygen from the air to create water and a heck of a lot of electricity. it looks and drives just like a regular car with all the power that you want and expect (unlike the toyota prius - i floored the prius and it was disappointing. no get up and go at all), just eco friendly. the water that is created is ejected out the back. it just looks like the car is peeing. very funny.

so, here i am driving the vehicle:

Saturday, August 23, 2008

New iPhone

randy and i both got new iPhones. he said he didn't want one before, but now i can't get him to stop playing with it.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Day Two

this semester i'm taking a P.E. class. yes, me: ms. gets-winded-walking-from-house-to-car. in a few minutes i'll leave for day two of class. i'm still sore from day one. i have discovered a new muscle i didn't know i had, mainly because it hurts so much.

i'm taking this p.e. class because i like beer and, well, it's showing. i obviously like food too and dieting is just not an option. the next logical step was to actually start working out.

i'm not too thrilled to go today because it hurts to move, however i'm going to tell myself that i'm excited to go! i'm excited to go! i hope it works.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Division Meeting

school has started. at the beginning of every semester there are campus wide division meetings. we are a part of the fine arts division at cypress college. picture this. a classroom full of 4th graders. the teacher is at the front of class trying to give a lecture, but the entire class is running around the room, talking among themselves, standing on chairs, and all fighting for attention. now imagine that with people in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s. that's what our division meetings are like. and then there is poor joyce, our dean and our boss, who tries desperately to quiet us all down so we can talk business. tough luck! maybe that'll work in the business division or maybe the math, science, and engineering division, but come on, this is fine arts! she's trying to wrangle a bunch of artists! hahahha! actually, we all eventually settle down and give her our full attention. it takes a while though. and this year, she didn't even have to bribe us with cookies.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rainbow Rose

Rainbow Rose
Originally uploaded by jerikojosh
I don't think of myself as a girly girl, but i am a sucker for rainbows, butterflies, bunny rabbits, and pretty flowers, so when i found out about these rainbow roses, i got down right giddy.

A quick google search will provide places to get these flowers such as Mellano & Company.

I thought about ordering some, but maybe i'll just get some roses and see if i can make my own.

yeah! i'm so happy!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


randy and i have decided to take up tennis for fitness and fun. we used to play a lot back then, but stopped because we just didn't have the time and got kind of bored of it. we are once again playing and i suck at it. oh well, at least randy says i'm better than i used to be. he says he doesn't have to chase the ball all over the court like last time.

yes, that blur is me.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Lumen Prints

normally, what i do for couples that get married is send along a few pictures that i took for them to add to their collection. for tisha and marky, this was going to be a lot harder. there were so many photographers there that i'm sure between them all, there are much better pictures than any that i took. really. every time i tried to take a shot, there was already a photographer standing right there, right in the path of the perfect shot. here are some examples.

don't get me wrong, i think it's funny and it became almost a game to see how often i could take a picture with a photog in it.

anyway, so there goes my idea for giving them a few shot that maybe someone else didn't get. what could i do to make something photographic, yet special for them? hmmm. ahhh....

my friend/coworker/teacher jerry burchfield does what he calls lumen prints. it's a photogram with a fancy name. basically, you throw stuff on a piece of B&W photo paper, leave it in the sun for a while, and viola! pretty picture.

here are examples of what jerry does:

to see more of jerry's work, visit

anyway, i decided to give it a whirl.

i still don't know if it worked. i haven't fixed the images yet and they tend to bleach out a lot once in the fixer. maybe they'll come out, maybe they won't, who knows. and yes, these are made with the actual flowers from the wedding.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Tisha & Marky's Wedding

Randy and I drove to San Francisco for Tisha and Marky's Wedding.

Their wedding was on the UC Berkeley campus and it's pretty amazing to be on such a huge campus after being on just a community college campus. the hall was absolutely gorgeous!

surprisingly, i didn't take a lot of pictures at this wedding, like i usually do. there were already, at least, 4 photographers swarming the place, let alone the other guests with their cameras. i just didn't fight for a spot, i just tried to enjoy the wedding as much as possible. thanks to the free beer that marky and tisha provided, it wasn't hard. i even got on the dance floor a few times.

marky and tisha gave away these super cute photo albums for their wedding give-aways. very awesome. it's actually something i can use. obviously, i'll be putting my pictures from their wedding in that album. they also made a CD for everyone that included the soundtrack from their wedding: the wedding march, the first dance, and other select songs from the evening.

one of the cools things that marky and tisha did was have a photo booth. you could even take the pictures home with you. i took part a few times. sorry mom and dad, i know some of these are a little risque.

i knew that marky and tisha would eventually see these pictures so randy and i wrote little notes to go in the picture.

claudia has been a friend of mine since we were little kids. we met at the tender age of 3 in pre-school. she's pretty much a part of the family too, so she was at the wedding. this is one of my favorite pictures from the wedding.

this is just another favorite picture. it shows how much fun everyone had!