Sunday, June 29, 2008

One Orange Balloon

a while back, i went out with some friends to help light paint a giant orange balloon at el toro, a marine corps air station decommissioned in 1999 in irvine, CA. the base is being developed as a residential and commercial area as well as a great park. the balloon is the first major attraction of the orange county great park and is free to ride. you can soar from 250 - 400 feet into the air to get a bird's eye view of the air station's transformation into the great park.

these friends, members of the legacy project, are the same ones behind the great picture, the world's largest contiguous photograph.

the guys are a hoot to be with and i look forward to any time i can tag along and help them work.

there is a semi usual crew that helps out with these wild endeavors. of course, everyone is put to work.

you'll have to wait to see the results of the light painting. i can't wait to see it too.

as a side note, el toro translates to "the bull" and since it's an air station, the insignia is a flying bull. the insignia was designed by walt disney studios. isn't that just so california?

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