Friday, August 07, 2009

David Pouge

one day while searching for people to follow on twitter i came across david pouge, the personal technology columnist for the New York Times and an Emmy Award-winning tech correspondent for CBS news. he's also one of the world's bestselling how-to authors, with titles in the for dummies series and his own line of "missing manual" books. i first saw david in a video on the TED web site and thought he would be interesting to follow (his TED videos cracked me up).

david was in the middle of collecting responses for his new book "the world according to twitter." every day he would post a question such as "what’s your greatest regret?" or "what’s the best toast you ever heard?" and his followers would respond. well, it turns out that a few of my responses actually made it into the book. david is current in the middle of signing 1500 hundred books to send out to people who contributed to the book. the last i heard (through twitter) he had signed about 750 of them. i can't imagine what that would be like. and i though signing my mortgage papers was a lot of writing! one of those books in the picture above is mine! i get a free signed copy! i'm so excited!

thanks @pouge! you rock!

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