Sunday, January 06, 2008

Takashi Murakami

my friend took me to see the Murikami show at MOCA today.

it's my favorite show to date because it was fun stuff. i didn't have to find the deeper meaning behind the images to enjoy it.

i also learned a valuable lesson about merchandising. this stuff is merchandised like crazy! even i had to get stuff. three little things totaled around $25.

after MOCA, my friend and i stopped off at the Japanese American National Museum on our way out. it was Oshogatsu, the New Year Family Day Festival, and the museum was open free all day. we tried to check out the Giant Robot exhibit, but i quickly lost interest and headed to the arts and crafts area where I made my very own flower pot.

despite the fact that i work in a very visual field, i get bored easily if all i can do i LOOK at something. i would much rather DO something. i like the hands on stuff, besides, how can i say no to anything arts and crafts related?

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