Thursday, May 29, 2008

Las Vegas

this past weekend randy and i went to las vegas to work on our house.

my sister took randy and i out to eat at the rio's seafood buffet. it costs $38/person + tax. i guess that means $40, but $38 sounds less expensive. i tried to eat $40 with of food, but it proved to be more difficult than i imagined, even with my appetite.

i had a plate full of sushi, a plate full of lobster, a plate full of crab legs, and a plate full of dessert.

after we ate, randy and i dropped my sister off at sam's town. sam's town is one of my most favorite casinos in las vegas. it's off the strip which means it's a lot less crowded than the casinos on las vegas blvd.

sam's town has a large atrium in the middle of the casino. in the atrium is my favorite bar in the whole wide world, the ram's head bar. while drinking a beer (or three) i like to watch the cheesiest laser light show. i've seen it dozens and dozens of times before, but i still get giddy when it comes on. first this animatronic wolf comes and howls, then there is an 80s laser light show complete with dancing water and all. very nice.

before heading home, randy and i stopped to play video keno with my sister. yes, we did leave there with more money than we came with, a rarity in las vegas.

as a side note, the killer's 2006 album "sam's town" is named after this very casino.

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