Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Metro Pomona Art Walk

on the second and last saturday of every month there is an art walk in pomona from 6pm into the evening. over 25 galleries including the bunny gunner gallery, the SCA project gallery, and the dA center for the arts host receptions for their latest exhibits. the glass house record store has bands play in the store as well as showcase art from local artist. yeah! free food. a bunch of shops, studios, and restaurants stay open late so it's a fun thing to do if you've got a free saturday night.

instead of just looking at art (and eating the free reception food), i figured i would bring my camera along in case i felt the urge to make some sort of art myself. i don't know how long i was laying on the sidewalk waiting for the right moment to take this picture. people are usually very kind and considerate. they won't walk in front of the camera if they think you're trying to take a picture. unfortunately, that's exactly what i wanted them to do. krista was great. she sat there for quite some time while i waited for this shot. what a trooper!

ahhh, here he is, my professor, on his soap box - literally!

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