Saturday, July 05, 2008

Chase's Birthday Party

the family decided to have Chase's 1st birthday party at randy's aunt and uncle's house, the one we all go to for 3rd of july as well as new years.

obviously, with summer comes BBQs and that means hot dogs. i've always had a weakness for hot dogs cooked over an open flame. if it were not for hot dogs, i may have starved to death before my 8th birthday.

chase's parents decided to get one of those water slide/bounce house combos. i could resist! i want one of these for my birthday party!

i'm not sure whose kid this is, i'm never quite sure at these family functions. i've been with randy a number of years now and i still always end up meeting someone i've never met before. he has a big family. anyhow, i really like the picture, so here it is.

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