Sunday, July 20, 2008

what happens in vegas....

what happens in vegas normally would stay in vegas, however, not this time. it's going to be posted online for all the world to see. yeah!

i dragged kat on a long drive through the dessert to get to las vegas. she was a trooper. i'm glad she had the sense to say "take a picture" when we were at the rest stop. i've seen the desert so many times it doesn't occur to me that it's picture worthy. she's from a part of CN that you can't walk more than 5 feet and not smack into a tree.

once in vegas, we did what any normal person does, grab a drink and loose some money, not necessarily in that order. i was happy to be able to smoke indoors.

i took kat to see ceaser's palace, then we walked over to the venitian. i'm used to the heat in vegas, but kat didn't seem too thrilled to be walking in 118 degree weather.

of course, we were in vegas for tisha's bachelorette party.

the girls went to chippendales (who knows where the guys went... didn't care to know).

after that we hopped in a limo. can you guess which one is getting married?

we were headed to....

this is where i have to stop, because even though not everything that happens in vegas stays in vegas, some things do.

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