Friday, August 29, 2008

Fuel Cell Vehicle

how often does one get to drive a million dollar car? for me, this was my first time.

the car is a prototype for toyota's fuel cell hybrid vehicle. since the car was hand made, it has the hefty price tag of over one million dollars (that's 35,000,000 baht). okay, granted some of you or at least some of the people that we went to school with have that in their wallets, but i'm living paycheck to tiny paycheck.

fuel cell vehicles work by combining hydrogen (thus the fuel cell) with oxygen from the air to create water and a heck of a lot of electricity. it looks and drives just like a regular car with all the power that you want and expect (unlike the toyota prius - i floored the prius and it was disappointing. no get up and go at all), just eco friendly. the water that is created is ejected out the back. it just looks like the car is peeing. very funny.

so, here i am driving the vehicle:

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