Monday, August 04, 2008

Tisha & Marky's Wedding

Randy and I drove to San Francisco for Tisha and Marky's Wedding.

Their wedding was on the UC Berkeley campus and it's pretty amazing to be on such a huge campus after being on just a community college campus. the hall was absolutely gorgeous!

surprisingly, i didn't take a lot of pictures at this wedding, like i usually do. there were already, at least, 4 photographers swarming the place, let alone the other guests with their cameras. i just didn't fight for a spot, i just tried to enjoy the wedding as much as possible. thanks to the free beer that marky and tisha provided, it wasn't hard. i even got on the dance floor a few times.

marky and tisha gave away these super cute photo albums for their wedding give-aways. very awesome. it's actually something i can use. obviously, i'll be putting my pictures from their wedding in that album. they also made a CD for everyone that included the soundtrack from their wedding: the wedding march, the first dance, and other select songs from the evening.

one of the cools things that marky and tisha did was have a photo booth. you could even take the pictures home with you. i took part a few times. sorry mom and dad, i know some of these are a little risque.

i knew that marky and tisha would eventually see these pictures so randy and i wrote little notes to go in the picture.

claudia has been a friend of mine since we were little kids. we met at the tender age of 3 in pre-school. she's pretty much a part of the family too, so she was at the wedding. this is one of my favorite pictures from the wedding.

this is just another favorite picture. it shows how much fun everyone had!

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