Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mike and Nong Nang's Wedding

Mike and Nong Nang's wedding was a small and intimate affair. every wedding i go to is special in it's own way. there were less than 20 guests and half were photographers!

after a minor fiasco at the hair salon, mike and nong nang finally made it to their wedding half an hour late and i made it there 15 minutes later, but long enough to miss the entire wedding ceremony. in any case, we made it there in typical thai time.

mike and phi nong were married in a gazebo overlooking the ocean in laguna beach. i wish i could say the wedding was beautiful, but frankly, i missed it. luckily, mike is a photographer and he has a lot of photographer friends to help take pictures that i get to see. two of the guest were yvette and roman galvan, amazing wedding photographers. hopefully, i get to see it on ron's video one day too.

the reception was held at madison square and garden cafe. it seems to be a place that sells unique and whimsical trinkets for your home and garden, as well as having a small dining area in the back. the garden cafe area is just dreamy and i would love to have a back yard like that one day. the good news is that they also seem to offer landscape planning & design services.

lunch was a simple yet flavorful salad. i had the pear salad (fresh cut romaine lettuce with candied walnuts, gorgonzola cheese, diced poached pears and tossed with balsamic vinaigrette) while randy had the shanghai chicken salad (mixed greens, carrots, wontons, red cabbage, rice noodles, and grilled chicken in a plum mustard dressing). i always get food envy when it comes to what other people ordered so randy was nice enough to share half of his salad with me.

i have no idea where the wedding cake was from, but it was good! it was some of the best wedding cake i've ever had. maybe it tastes extra special good because it's a wedding cake.

i wish mike and phi nong many happy years together. thanks for allowing me to share in your wedding day!

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