Sunday, October 12, 2008

Xtreme Bowling for Markus's Birthday

For markus's birthday markus, claudia, randy, and i went out to dinner at tulsa rib company in orange. they pretty much have the only ribs i'll eat. i'm sure there is better out there as my friends from texas all tell me, but i haven't had them yet. i am always on the hunt for good food, so if you know if a kick ass rib place, let me know.

yes, i've been to lucille's and no, it doesn't compare to tulsa rib company.

after some good feasting we went bowling at Carter Lanes in Fullerton. It was time for cosmic bowl. i really liked it. the place wasn't crowded like Linbrook and everything just seemed a lot cooler.

i suck at bowling.

my favorite part about Carter Lanes were the shoes. They were pretty new and even the stiching glowed quite nicely under the black lights. I want a pair like these now! I have no idea where to get them though.

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