Friday, November 14, 2008

Congrats Rita!

my friend rita gave birth to a happy, healthy, baby boy today. congratulations to the family!

rita was nice enough to let me come to the delivery room and take pictures while she was giving birth. unfortunately, i was trying to get a guest pass and missed the delivery by seconds - literally. the doctor was pulling the baby out just as i was stepping into the room trying to pull the lens cap off the camera.

rita is a brave woman because she had no problem with me taking pictures from any angle. ANY angle. why, those pictures could easily end up here on my blog for all the world wide web to see. okay, so that's not going to happen. i promised i wasn't going to show the business end of her to anyone.

i was even there for baby's first pee pee. i put the fig leaf there for those of you who have issues about seeing a baby's winkie. your welcome.

being there for the birth was an amazing experience. i had no idea of the kinds of emotions that would come up. it was so moving, i thought i was going to cry when they put the baby in rita's arms and she saw the baby for the first time. i know it sounds sappy, but it really is spectacular.

thanks for letting me be there rita. i hope the family is doing wonderful!

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