Sunday, November 09, 2008

Dim Sum

randy and i love to eat dim sum. the place we end up going to the most is great seafood harbor in cerritos, mostly because it's close to the house.

i usually estimate how authentic and good an ethnic food place is by the proportion of people from that culture that are there eating. for instance, if there are more white people (no offense to white people) in a thai restraunt than there are thais, chances are it isn't very authentic thai food.

well, great seafood harbor has a lot of chinese patrons every time i go in. heck, even the people pushing around he dim sum carts and wait tables hardly speak english. most of the communication happens with pointing "i want that one" and nodding or head shaking.

i love the novelty of picking the food i want as the cart goes by. i never seem to get over it.

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