Wednesday, July 08, 2009

He Twisted My Arm

i know, i know… i’ve been a total slacker lately in terms of updating my blog – and i blame it all on john. for some reason, john seems to think that i’m a gamer and i politely told him that was untrue. despite this, he grabbed my arm and twisted it, urging me to play world of warcraft. on top of the arm-twisting, he threw me the puppy dog eyes, something i haven’t found a defense against yet. my other friend james warned me about this evil cult and advised me not to get involved, but i didn’t know what to do. my arm was hurting, and so i gave in.

for a little over a month now, i’ve been playing world of warcraft instead of getting any actual work done (unless you consider leveling up an accomplishment). my laundry has gone unwashed, randy calls himself a warcraft widower (he’s thinking forming a support group), and, alas, my blog has suffered from neglect.

i am happy to report that i’m learning to manage my game playing with my real world responsibilities. randy is starting to get attention again and as of this writing, i am now at level 20 and a lieutenant in the blood royal guardians guild.

may the light be with you.

*note: some parts of this post may be slightly, very slightly, exaggerated for dramatic purposes.

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