Saturday, November 14, 2009

Downtown Disney with Andrea

Andrea and I have known each other since high school, but we lost touch for almost 10 years. Although I’m not sure how, we found each other again a few years back.

Truth be told, Andrea and I hardly knew each other in high school. I was a year (or maybe two) ahead of her so we never really had class together. She also had a signing career back then (see video below), so I don’t remember her being around too much. We would occasionally pass each other in the halls and say hi. The only meaningful conversation I remember having with her was when I got out of math class one day and she sat in the hallway trying to pull out the braids she had in her hair. I sat down beside her and helped her pull them out and we went our separate ways. That was the last time I remember seeing her. Over dinner a few years back she told me that she had moved from Thailand back the U.S that year.

I don’t know why I feel so close to her now. Perhaps it’s that common background of having gone to RIS, having someone else around that knows about that surreal life we had back Thailand. I suppose if we told the stories about what life was like going to RIS, and living in Bangkok, most people wouldn’t believe us. We went to school kids who had more money than most people here would make in a lifetime. Having drivers and maids were the norm. At 14, going out for drinks at the clubs or the bars along Patpong, the red light district, was socially acceptable.

Every time Andrea and I see each other we say that we should meet up more than twice a year, but so far, that’s a pattern that we have yet to break.

Our biannual get together led us to a late lunch at Dave and Busters and then a photo excursion at Downtown Disney. I handed my camera to Andrea and she was the photographer that night. We walked along the shops at Downtown Disney, stopping at a store that sold nothing but mismatched socks – yes, my friends, such a place really does exist.

A quick stop at the candy store to watch some cast members make chocolate treats and to pick up Randy’s favorite sour apple candy.

Anyone that knows me knows that I have a thing for the Disney Channel. Okay, so I watch Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, and the occasional episode of Jonas. How could I not try rockin' the Hannah Montana guitar purse?

Last but not least was a stop at Sephora. How can a girl resist?

These days Andrea works as an attorney. Yup, she’s beautiful and smart. Hopefully we can find more time than twice a year to hang out. Hey Andrea! How about another dinner date after my finals are over?

Note: all photos from this post are courtesy of Andrea. ☺

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