Saturday, June 12, 2010


Grace and Heather

Meet my twin sister, Heather. We’re identical. Can you tell?

I’m Heather’s Siamese twin (since I’m Thai) and she’s my Iowanese twin (since she’s from Iowa), get it? Heather is basically… me, but with light golden brown hair. She’d kill me if I ever called her blond. We both love wearing flip flops, beer, cigarettes, and Bon Jovi - but not necessarily in that order. Is there more to life is than that?

We both worked the graveyard shift at Pictage along with Michelle (another soul mate of mine). It was nice having people around who understood what life was like working when everyone else was sleeping and sleeping while everyone was at work. There wasn’t much of a social life for people like us, so we stuck together.

When Randy and I lived in Las Vegas Heather would come stay with us at least once a month, sometimes more. She stayed with us so much she had her own room in our house. When we moved back to LA, she helped us do it. You know it’s love when someone helps you move.

Heather lives in Oregon now. She tells me the skies are blue and there are these green pointy things called trees. Amazing. She came down to visit this weekend so we met up for dinner. Even though we hardly talk anymore it’s amazing to sink right back into a conversation like we never left each other. I guess that’s what it’s like for twins.

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