Sunday, September 28, 2008

Congrats to Pinky and Alvin

Congratulations to Pinky and Alvin on the birth of their first child!

while Pinky and Alvin where in the hospital, there was a flurry of e-mails sent back and forth between the family starting on sept. 26 at 4:37pm and ending on sept. 27 at 10:20am. this is how it went:

tisha1013: According to Kris... Pinky was admitted to the hospital a couple of hours ago. Looks like the baby is coming on time.. I am going to guess saturday at 1:48 am!

I say 12:08am

Saturday @ 2:37 am

alymaria: I say 7:15 am. First labors can last looong!

randy wants 5:23am. i want 3:22am

mannyrey: 5:04am

false alarms til Sunday night...then...Monday 12am sharp. Ha!

divinegrace327: Did she pop yet? What do we win if we get the closest time?

maylambojon: Ringo said 3:30a.m. I say 8:00a.m.

markyrey: have to get the exact time! And then you win the right to claim that you have psychic powers.

maylambojon: Just an update I talked to Pinky and she said she was 4-5cm around 8pm but she already had an epidural.

tisha1013: anyone have the latest info on pinky?

It's a girl! Kayla Andrea (not sure if that's spelled right)

A few more details: 6 lbs 14 oz, 21in, between 9-9:30am

tisha1013: Hmmm.. So it looks like May can claim to be pyschic! She's the closest with 8am! But aren't you a nurse May? Does that count? ;) hahaha

Yeah I will claim it I am a psychic coz i got the time of her delivery and the sex of the baby too hehehe.....

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