Sunday, September 28, 2008

Race for the Arts

cypress college patrons of the arts is a nonprofit community based organization, and committee of the cypress college foundation dedicated to providing scholarships to talented students in the fields of art, dance, journalism, music, photography, and theater.

each year the patrons hold several fund raisers; one of which is the "race for the arts." the race for the arts is a dinner held at the vessels club at the los alamitos race course and all the proceeds fund the scholarships.

this year i decided to take randy. for three weeks he knew i was going to take him somewhere, but he had no idea where. the idea was just to get him into the car and drive him somewhere. he thought we were going to see a play.

randy and i were joined by some family and friends. we spent the night eating, drinking, and betting on horses. we learned about win bets, place bets, show bets, exacta bets, quinella bets, trifecta bets, superfecta bets, and a number of other bets that i can't even pronounce. i picked horses based on their names like pegakiss, fangs, and dinnerinthediner. the others chose the horses based on what the experts picked, while some actually tried to figure out what all the stats meant.

thanks to a dear friend, we scored a sweet table on the terrace of the vessels club right above the finish line. she claims that's where she puts all the rowdy people.

in the end, i ended up loosing more money than i won, but having a small wager on the race made it all the more exciting. i'm definately going again next year, but chances are i'll be going to the races again before the year is up.

did i mention that i drank several pounds of beer?

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