Friday, September 19, 2008

Cypress College Photography Department

we like to have fun at the cypress college photography department. the staff and students are like a big extended family to me. a typical day at the photo department goes like this.

10:00am - Greg Bumatay's Wedding Photography Class

chris has found himself a couple new pets: clone and patch (i'm not sure which is which). he can't wait to share this with greg and the four pose for picture for me.

now give me tiger!

greg has created a blog just for his class. there, you'll find out what the class is up to as well links to all of his student's blogs. check out

7:OOpm - Michael LaNoue's Introduction to Photography Class

randy is even taking mike's class!

7:OOpm - Clifford Lester's Introduction to Professional Photography Class

this night cliff has an in class photo project in store for his students. the department is full of energy as students run around preparing for the shoots.

chob deserves an A just for taking one for the team. first he goes out and buys a $150 dress. then he actually puts it on for the shoot.

actually, chob makes a pretty decent looking woman.

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