Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Lights

every year, there are things i do to get into the holiday spirit. i pick out a tree at the home depot tree lot and i get randy to take me to see christmas lights.

the place we normally go to is near mile square park in fountain valley (click on the image in order to view a slightly larger map).

many homes in this neighborhood go all out. i often wonder where the heck they plug in all those lights, like at the house pictured below.

this house (16316 Sycamore St.) seemed to be the most popular with one of the most elaborate lighting set ups. people sang along to "christmas don't be late" as well as other chipmunk versions of holiday favorites played over speakers. near the front door is a life sized santa people lined up to take pictures with.

of course, there were at least 3 dozen or more homes in this tiny block all decked out with intricate displays ranging from disney themed homes to one that went as far as setting up an animated, scaled down version of a ski lift from the yard all the way to the ridge of the roof, complete with an animatronic skiier stuck, head down, in a pile of fake snow and kicking his legs.

mine and randy's favorite house is located at 16301 Filber St. the set up isn't nearly as elaborate as others, but the crowning jewel of this place is a tree covered branch by branch with twinkling christmas lights. ornaments the size of small beach balls hang from the limbs. the effect of this is not done justice by the still picture below (one day i'll get video of this). you have to see it in person to see how magical this is.

hopefully, you guys all have your own holiday traditions. whatever they may be, i hope it puts a smile on your face and makes you feel like a little kid inside.


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