Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tap Defense

let me make one thing clear (despite what john may say) - I AM NOT A GAMER. that being said, i'd like tell you about my latest addiction: Tap Defense. i have already wasted most of yesterday and today playing this game.

Tap Defense is a strategy game. the game gives you only one location (at least for each mode: easy, medium, or hard). at one end is the the gate to heaven and the other is the gate to hell; between the two is a path. all types of creatures from hell try to walk from hell to heaven and your goal is to stop them by laying down defensive towers in their path. there are 7 different towers each with their own unique characteristics and price tags.

there doesn't seem to be one definitive way to complete the game, in fact, i've noticed the requirements to achieve certain things sometimes change each time i start a new game. sometimes it takes 2 halos to get an interest rate increase, sometimes 3 halos! this does keep the game interesting.

anyhow, i could go on and on about the game, but there are plenty of in depth articles out there on the net. a quick google search will reveal hundreds of guides, tips, and tricks. you can download this game for your iPhone free at the iTunes app store and start wasting time now.

if thinking is too much for you, my favorite mindless game (thanks to john) is bubble wrap. all you have to do is pop the little bubbles on the screen. you have 45 seconds to pop as many as you can (some bubbles reinflate). have fun. remember to stop and eat every now and then.

*** in case you're wondering how to do a screen capture on an iPhone just hold down the home button and then briefly press and release the power button (if you hold both down for several seconds, the phone will soft reset). you should see a flash of light and hear the sound of the camera. the image will be stored in your photos folder.

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