Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Grace fall down and go boom

This morning I slipped in the shower and hit my head pretty hard. I think I'm okay. I feel a bit dizzy and my head still hurts, but so far, so good.

When I came home randy's mom had bought those non slip flower thingies and stuck them all over our bath tub for me. Apparently she slipped last week too.

When I used to see those in people's bathrooms I used to think they looked tacky, but after today they are pretty beautiful to me.

It's kinda funny the way this stuff works. From the second my foot slid out from under me and I realized I was going to fall, everything went in slow motion, just like in the movies. I hit my head hard enough to see stars. I also thought that was just something that happened in road runner cartoons. What do you know? It isn't. There was that fleeting thought, "what if I black out? I hope they don't find me lying here naked." it just hurt like crazy.

Be careful out there people. Your avacado green bathtub could kill you.

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