Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Table go crack - crash - boom

earlier today somebody (who shall remain nameless) decided they wanted to pose some models on our product table. it was not a good idea.

i was in the stock room when i heard a loud crack, followed by a crash, then a small child wailing. I looked at ron and greg who were near me and we all gave each other that "it doesn't sound good" look. I volunteered to check out what happened. When the door opened I saw a woman with her butt on the floor in the middle of the product table, her legs up in the air, and shards of plexiglass all around her. I assume the model was sitting on it and then fell through.

people, don't use things just because you THINK you know how to use it. you might screw things up for more people than just yourself. this person's friend could have been seriously hurt and now other students who need it to complete assignments won't be able to because someone to took it upon themselves to disregard our rules about not using things unless they had orientation.

the rest of the night was pretty uneventful. jerry was cheerful as always and greg apparently thought his student was a vampire since he was making the sign of the cross trying to keep him away. of course, greg eventually broke down seconds later and helped his student with his black and white printing assignment.

we like to have fun here.

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