Friday, October 30, 2009

Making the Costume


This year I’ve decided to be a BEER BELLY DANCER for Halloween (I would have been just a regular belly dancer, but I don’t quite have the figure for that, so I figured I would just work with the beer belly I’ve got). It was also the perfect compliment to Randy’s sheik costume.



My sister has been making my Halloween costumes for me since I was a little kid. No, none of that store bought stuff for me. Tonight she’s putting on the final touches to the skirt. I drove to her house for a final fitting after a frantic phone call from her saying that she might have measured me wrong for the skirt, “It’s so big! I think I measure you wrong.”

It turns out that she didn’t measure me incorrectly, I am just that big – 39 inch waist. I like my food, but don’t like exercise quite as much.

My sister is wonderful, not only did she make the costume for me (and insinuate that I was fat) she also made sure that I had something to eat. I love you sis! I really do.


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