Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Krista's Beard


This semester Krista is taking a Stage Makeup class at Cypress College taught by Barbara Meyer. Each week she’s been working on various makeup techniques such as making someone look old or blocking eyebrows. This week she had to put on a fake beard.

I asked her to come back to the Photography Department with the beard on so that I could see it and needless to say it was HILARIOUS! She said that as she walked back people would look at her strangely - looking at the beard, then at her breast, then back at the beard. Even in person the fake beard looks pretty convincing so I can understand how people would get confused.

Krista made a joke about how she’s now “part of the club.” As I looked around, everyone in the stockroom at the moment did have some sort of facial hair. Naturally, it was time for a group photo. I feel a little left out, but I’m perfectly happy without facial hair. I’m sure Randy is too.


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