Monday, February 07, 2011

Mondays are Great

Some people hate Mondays. It means the weekend is over and you have to go back to work. As for me, I like Mondays. Mondays feel like a fresh start and I get to go to work and see my friends.

Today was an especially good Monday. John came in shortly after I arrived at work with a big green bag (my favorite color). It was an early birthday gift. He’s been telling me about it for a few weeks now. The only hint I got was that it was something I’ve wanted for a long time, but have forgotten that I wanted it. What the hell was that?

John Bearing Gift

I pulled out two boxes carefully wrapped in teal colored tissue. They were the kind of boxes you put clothing into. I knew what it was before I opened it. He’s been telling me he was going to get this thing for me for my birthday for nearly as long as I’ve known him. I opened the box. A blue lab coat with lots of pockets. It was exactly what I wanted! He even got me a second one as a spare.

Lab Coats

I’ve ruined cute outfit after cute outfit for years because of chemical spills on my clothes, so I resorted to wearing nothing but jeans and a plain black t-shit for the last four weeks. He said this was part of his plan to let me wear nice clothes to work again. I’m thrilled!

Grace's New Lab Coat

Around 3pm I started getting hungry. I went down for our usual 4pm drink run and was startled half to death by my friend Colleen who snuck up on me. She told me had Anita made some chocolate chip banana bread. Anita is a fantastic cook and I can’t resist anything she makes. Oh God, it was good. It was sweet and moist and had the perfect balance of banana and chocolate. This was the perfect thing to tide me over until John went out to pick up dinner.

Could this day get any better? Apparently, yes!

Just as John was about to leave Sam showed up with a container full of home made chicken. Delicious!

Sam's Chicken

To top off my day Laura, the Verg, and Randy stopped by to visit me for a while.

Mondays are great.

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