Friday, February 04, 2011

Foundation (the makeup kind)

I’ve spent the last week researching makeup foundation. At this point, I’d consider myself obsessed. I want to know what types of foundation there are, the pros and cons of using each type, as well as the best ways to apply each one.

If you’re makeup illiterate like me foundation is used to smooth out your face and cover up spots or uneven skin tone.

From what I’ve gathered these are the main types of foundation.

1. tinted moisturizers
2. mousses/whipped foundation
3. liquid foundation
4. cream foundation
5. liquid/cream to powder foundation
6. mineral powders

I haven’t figured out what the pros and cons of each are yet. I’ve only used cream and liquid foundations myself. I prefer to use the liquid stuff because it’s easier to apply and feels lighter on my skin than cream, but it doesn’t cover as well as the cream.

It took me years to find the right color for my skin tone. I would go to the store and buy something I thought was the right color, but when I tried it home, it just wasn’t quite right. I gave up after a few tries because I was sick and tired of spending money on something I couldn’t use. Sure, I could have gone to the makeup counter at any department store, but I was just too afraid. I didn’t know what a good brand was and I didn’t want to spend money on something I was afraid wasn’t going to work for me again.

Then, one day, I walked by the makeup aisle and L’Oreal had a line of makeup called True Match. Next to the foundations was this clear plastic card with different colors printed on it. You were supposed to hold it up to your skin and the one that disappeared was the right color for you. Okay, I’ll bite. I’ll give this a shot. Lo and behold, it worked! I could have sworn I heard angels singing. N4, that’s my color.

When I went to buy the Ben Nye makeup for class Beverly Crain of Charisma Costume pulled out pallets and pallets of color. She picked out a few she thought were the right color for me and had me try them. We found my perfect match. I was ecstatic! The stuff covers brilliantly, but I couldn’t wear it every day. It just feels too heavy on my skin. I was far too aware I was wearing makeup.

I also didn’t know how to apply the foundation for a while. I used to use my fingers, but then I saw someone use those little triangle wedge sponges so I decided to try it. I love it. The makeup went on so much quicker and smoother. I recently learned some people use a brush to apply foundation, so I guess I’ll try that tomorrow and see how I like it. I don’t really know what brush works best, but I know you aren’t supposed to use those big fluffy ones. Luckily, one of the brushes in the set I bought actually says “foundation” on it. I guess I’ll start with that one.

My goal is to try all the different types of foundation, try different application methods with each and see which one I like better. I’ll keep you guys posted.

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