Sunday, February 06, 2011



After class Krista and I went to the mall. She shopped for boots while I played with my cell phone. Then she shopped for more boots while I played with my cell phone some more.

Krista 'n boots

I gotta say, I haven't minded sitting around waiting ever since I got my iPhone. Getting my oil changed? No problem. DMV? No problem. I have Twitter, Facebook, and a multitude of camera apps at my disposal.


Anyhow, we ended up at a Forever 21. As we looked around for accessories it hit me, I'm too old to shop in this store. When did that happen? It used to be one of my favorite stores. Apparently you can't be 21 forever. At some point you do get too old and too fat for certain fashions. I just didn't think it would happen this soon. I did find one top that I liked. A crocheted top with colored stripes. It was so "me", but before I knew it, I felt Krista dragging me away.

rainbow top

"Friends don't let friends buy rainbows. Especially crocheted rainbows." was all she said.


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