Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fish in a Bottle

Fish in a Bottle
10205 Valley View St
Cypress, CA 90630
(714) 821-3400

okay, so i told myself i wouldn't do food reviews on my blog anymore and switch everything to yelp (which i still am doing), but this place is that good. i have to talk about it here. please note that all the photos are of the actual food served to us - nothing pull off their web site or anything! (hey, i did my best with a table full of stuff). the quality of the food is spectular. i wouldn't be surprised to see any of the food served here at a high end restaurant in LA or on the vegas strip.

we've been going to California Fish Grill for lunch for a few weeks now and the food is pretty darn good (and healthy). as fate would have it, when we got there one day the place was packed! there was no way were going to find a seat. we decided to leave and try out this place down the street called Fish in a Bottle (we were still in the mood for fish). i drive by the restaurant often and there was hardly ever a car in the lot. how good could this place be? we decided to try it anyway.

when i walked in, to my surprise, i found the place was very nicely decorated. there is a simple elegance about it. perfect for a business lunch or even a place to take a date. you can choose to either sit at a table or the sushi bar.

the menu is pretty extensive and everything sounded great. we started off with some garlic edamame. oh my god, was it good! so simple, yet packed full of flavor. they did not skimp on the garlic. be warned, there is a touch of spice because the pods are saut├ęd in a touch of chili infused oil. just the perfect amount.

next we looked at the lunch specials. two pages full!!! most of it was under $10.

i order the usual miso soup and lynette ordered a salad to start of her meal. their food not only tastes good, it's photogenic as well. always a plus.

don't worry, if you're not into sushi or rolls, like ron, there is stuff for you to eat there as well. the first time ron went he ordered the stuffed chicken and this time ordered the teriyaki salmon.

the rest of us had a variety of rolls. even john and krista ate the sushi (yes, it's that good).

i was shocked to see john eat piece after piece of the salmon sashimi i ordered. he's normally not that into it (to be fair, we're usually eating that stuff buffets or places like maki yaki - not the best sushi you could have).

i'm a sucker for dessert. i thought about having a nice little piece of mochi (which krista and john ended up ordering), but decided to try something totally different, a banana cheese cake roll. to die for! ron, lynette, john, krista, and i were all amazed at how good it was. i almost couldn't eat it after i took the picture because it was so pretty. krista looked at me. i guess she saw it in my eyes that i couldn't bring myself to eat it and took a fork to the plate and messed up the beautiful swirls.

you have to eat there. PLEASE eat here. i do not want this place to go out of business. it's just too good.

special thanks to ron, lynette, john and krista for putting up with me taking pictures all this food before getting to eat.

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