Sunday, June 07, 2009

When Retouching Goes Bad

randy rushed into the room laughing. he said that he was looking at my sister's facebook page on his iphone. there was a picture of me on there that look really weird. what? WTF??? did someone do something to that picture? i don't remember that picture looking like that. i know my friend kat uploaded a picture of me and claud from our vegas trip, but i don't remember it looking like that. this is what he showed me:

when retouching goes bad.

oh my god! what did they do? i have no idea who did that to the picture, but i can only assume they were trying to make me look thinner (i do appreciate the attempt)... either that or try to make it look like one of those warped pictures from the movie the ring.

i hunted around kat's page and found the original image. just for fun, i thought i would try a my hand at retouching that image and this is what i came up with. what do you guys think? did i go too far?

grace's attempt


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