Thursday, June 11, 2009


last night i went to have a beer with craig down at roscoe's in fullerton. the bartender jeff is rather amazing. the guy knows how to pour a drink.

anyhow, i stood outside smoking with craig, i looked at him and stared. i'm not sure if he even noticed me looking at him in that special way. yes, the photographer in me saw "the light". the green glow of the roscoe's sign mixed with the deep yellow of the sodium vapor from the street light just hit craig in the most interesting way. i flipped around and dug the camera out of my purse. perhaps it was out of friendship, or maybe out of drunkeness, but he stood there and humored me as i walked around for a few moments looking through my viewfinder, trying to find the right angle. he even tried not to laugh as i lay on my stomach on the sidewalk at midnight. here it is.

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