Monday, June 15, 2009

Sleepy time

1:15am. Just crawled into bed. It feels so good to be warm. It's rather cold here, should have brought warmer clothes.

Anyway, there is hardly any signal out here for my cell phone. there is just enough to make a phone call and text if i stand at just the right spot, but not enough for internet. i'm kind of suffering from withdrawal.

Yes, i'm supposed to be enjoying nature and getting away from technology, but sue me. i enjoy doing this stuff. i'm taking a vacation away from work, not technology. this IS my play. i was hoping to blog by a bubbling brook while drinking a beer underneith a starry sky. hey, some people like golf. i blog for fun.

okay, goodnight all. time for me to roll over and sleep. Got a lot to do in the morning.

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