Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sebastian's store

Sebastian's Store
442 Slo San Simeon Rd
San Simeon, CA 93452
(805) 927-4217

we took a little potty break at sebastian's store, located across from hearst castle. sebastian's general store started aboard the brigantine sailing ship ayachuchio under the command of scottish whaling captain john wilson, sailing between peru, the sandwich island and california. in 1852 wilson purchased one of seven licenses issued by san luis obsipo county and built the store which has been bought and sold several times since then. recently renovated, sebastian's is a cafe, general store, and gift shop.

it is what i can only describe as "quaint". the store itself is pretty small inside, there are a few tables to eat at inside and a few more outside. it's a pretty neat place to stop if you are looking for a quick bite to eat or grabbing those few last minute camping supplies.

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