Thursday, February 19, 2009

Buffet kindness

Fiesta Henderson is right down the street from our house so randy and I eat at the buffet often. Whenever friends are in town, this is where we take them to eat sometimes. With a player's card (you can sign up for one for free) the lunch buffet is only $6.99, about the same price you could pay at a regular fast food place, but with a lot more choices, and a lot better quality.

I know it sounds cheap, but the food is actually pretty good. There are 7 different stations including Italian, Mexican, Mongolian, American, Chinese, bar-b-q, and a bakery, not to mention the two salad bars and the desert station. For drinks you can get the usual sodas, juices, or coffee. If you want, you can order a bucket if 5 Budweisers for an additional $12! Weekends offer a champagne brunch (where I had way too much to drink once - it was my first time with unlimited free alcohol).

Anyhow, while standing in line to pay, a nice gentleman gave us a coupon for a 2 for 1 lunch he clipped from the local paper - we ended up paying a total of $7.53 for both of our meals.

When strangers do something nice for you for nothing at all, it makes me all warn and fuzzy inside. People should do nice things for others every now and then. It renews my faith in humanity. Just this one little act of kindness inspires me to do something nice for someone else. The world could be such a better place if we all helped each other out every once in awhile.

If you can, do something nice and unexpect for someone today. It'll make them feel good and I have a feeling it'll make you feel good too.

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