Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Camelot Steakhouse

Randy and I ate at Camelot Steakhouse. There is a bar area inside the restraunt. I wish I knew about this before. I would have gone there for some drinks with randy much earlier.

Dinner was great, but a little too pricey for what you get.

for an appitizer we ordered the baked brie. it was heavenly. worth the extra wait for how long it takes to prepare. this was worth every penny and i will have it again, oh yes, i will have it again. i wanted to cry tears of joy, that's how good it was. of course, now i'll have hyped it up too much for you or the next time you have it, it won't be nearly as good, but i tell you, it is like a sweet dream eating this thing.

i said i'm a sucker for french onion soup and will try it where ever i go and this is one of the best i've had. it was savory and rich, well done.

the filet mignon was not that great. i ordered medium rare and got something closer to medium well. i should have just ordered rare and if it was too rare i could have just had them cook it a little more. should have just asked for worshestershire sauce. that might have saved it. very disappointing. okay, you are probably thinking i should have just sent it back, but i am just not that kind of person. maybe a touch more veggies would have been nice. not worth it if you ask me. i've had better at outback.

i had a taste of randy's new your steak too. he also ordered medium rare but it was nearly well done. there was barely any pink. not good at all.

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