Thursday, February 19, 2009


On our way home from Vegas we decided to make a pit stop at Calico, an old silver mining ghost town. We've driven by it over a hundred times, often saying we should stop, but never do. This is one of the few times we weren't rushing to get somewhere.

It's actually pretty neat and there is more to do and see than I expected. Randy and only stayed for an hour and we barely got to walk to the end of the town and back taking a few snap shots along the way.

We could easily stay an entire day. There was even a plaque dedicated to the Knotts here. Maybe the old west town at Knott's Berry Farm is modeled after calico.

The next time I'm here I'm going to take more time taking pictures, stop by the beer garden, take a tour of the mystey shack, make my own candle, pan for gold, ride the train, take a stab at the shooting gallery, and eat at the Calico house Restraunt.

Did I mention there were camp grounds up here?? Camping anyone?

Anyhoo, the following pix are by randy, not me. I think taking that photo class from Michael LaNoue at Cypress College really helped.

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