Thursday, February 19, 2009

Duces wild

I'm normally not a gambler. If I am going to risk money, I prefer better odds than what a casino has to offer.

I do however stick a dollar or to in a machine every now and then to kill time. Today I found a penny duces wild poker machine and ended up playing for nearly an hour with 70 cents. Now this is my kind of game. If I'm going to loose money, I'm going to do it slowly and with more interaction than just stabbing at the spin button.

I miss the old las vegas, when slot machines used real coins instead of tickets. I miss the noise the coins made falling into that metal tray. It sounded like vegas. There was something special about carrying around a 6 pound bucket of nickels. I felt rich even though it was probably only worth $12.

The old strip still has those slot machines, low limits on tables, and cheep booze. I'm going there next time.

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