Wednesday, February 18, 2009

the walk back to the hotel

Drunk shooting, that's what i call it. the walk back to the hotel took a lot longer than it should have because we kept stopping to take pictures. the following are a selection of pictures we took along the way.

i have no idea why we did this. it was funny at the time. very hands across america.

this has such potential. this is what i have in mind: manuel, lawrence, and michelle standing there just like they are, but with the usual crowd of people in the early evening. it would be shot with better lighting and a slow shutter speed in order to get the blur of people walking by and the three of them standing there still in the midst of the chaos. work with me people. maybe next time. when do you guys wanna go back to vegas to get the shot?

i told lawrence to grab her ass, but he didn't want to so michelle did it. i think it worked out better that way.

i'm not sure what lawrence was doing, but it made for an interesting shot. sure i'll shoot it.

michelle and lawrence just couldn't stop dancing. come here at a time other than 2:30 in the morning on a tuesday night and there would have been too many people to get this shot. one of my favorites from the walk home.

the girl in the picture just looks so thrilled to be eating the food.

ahhh, long night. randy was downstairs playing keno. it was nice to head back up to the room with him. elevators have better lighting that i thought. no wonder greg likes to shoot in them so much.

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