Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pictage's Studio 54 party

Pictage's Studio 54 party was rockin'. The DJ was amazing, every song was perfect to sing to and even better to dance to. The drinks were free (I had three beers). Pictage even had a photo booth complete with a box of props next to the booth with hats, funny glasses and feather boas.

Threre was a mini Cypress College group consisting of me, Michelle, Lawrence, Kalen, and Manuel. I made a new friend, Andy John, a photog from DC. We got to talk to Mike Colon while in line for drinks (had no idea he was so tall). I talked to my friend Jason O'Hare (the only account manager you would ever want to deal with at Pictage) and even got to say hi to Jason Kiefer, my former boss (and the owner of Pictage).

I had no idea Michelle and Lawrence could move like they do. It really was a treat just watching them dance. I just ended up taking pictures of them.

I had such a good time I didn't even Mind my feet hurting me so much. All in all I had a great time. Good job Pictage. Good job.

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