Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Guild returns

some time in late 2007 john got me hooked on an online series called the guild. the show follows the life of cyd sherman played by felicia day and the online guild she is involved with. i'd tell you more, but that's why someone invented wikipedia.

the show is even more addicting than red vs blue... it not pink, it's lightish red. that's another series john got me addicted to.

john gets me addicted to quite a few things. so far, i haven't succumbed to his invitation to a 10 day free trial of world of warcraft - i am not a gamer.

anyhow, season one of the guild ended some time in july 2008. i waited and waited for season two to start. i checked nearly every week for nearly two months, but there was nothing. NOTHING. so sad. the web site said they would be making a season two. i waited. eventually, i gave up and went about my life.

krista has been trying to get john and i to watch dr. horrible's sing-along blog for the past few weeks. today, she finally sat john down to watch it. a few minutes into it john ran over and asked if i recognized someone on the show. it was falicia day. oh yeah, now i remember! she was on that. i had stumbled across act I of dr. horrible late last summer while searching for more episodes of the guild.

anyhow, that reminded me to check for the guild and what do you know? season two started in late november and there have already been 6 episodes. oops.

here, for your viewing pleasure is the first episode of the guild. you can watch the rest on watchtheguild.com (or YouTube).

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