Friday, January 02, 2009

Movies and Music - the next evolution

it has begun. i had heard some band was doing it, but i hadn't seen it yet. it was inevitable really and i'm rather surprised it hadn't happened soon.

i am not that old, but old enough to remember that my parents had a reel-to-reel music player in our living room. this, of course, was located right next to the record player. lying around the area were several 8-tracks. i don't remember the player, but i assume it must have been there also. what i do remember well are tapes, or audio cassette. i had a few records, but mostly tapes. i remember buying blank tapes and recording songs off the radio by holding up a tape recorder to the speaker (low tech pirating).

then along came the CD. oh wow! i could listen to something over and over and the tape wouldn't degrade. i could skip to the tracks i wanted so easily. no more fast forwarding or rewinding and hoping i got close. this was great.

in 2002 randy got me my first mp3 player, an iPod and it was a 40GB. i spent hours and hours and hours copying my CD collection over to iTunes. there are still some CDs that i haven't even gotten around to doing.

i stopped buying CDs and started downloading music. $0.99 was a fair price to pay because it meant i didn't have to spend $14 on a CD i only wanted for one song.

so here it is, the next evolution to hard copies of music - music on SD cards.

it's not just music you can get, it's now movies on SD cards, just plug into your portable player and here it is. yeah!

even with blue ray, will these circular disks soon be a thing of the past? is there really a need for an optical player anymore? i'm sure it'll happen soon enough.

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