Sunday, January 18, 2009

John gets a new mattress

john sleeps on a futon. the mattress isn't what it used to be. he says that he sleeps with a metal bar in his side. it was time for a new mattress. off we went to ikea.

randy and i got to try the couch bed we want, we'll probably get it soon.

john headed over to the section with mattresses. he found the cheapest one he was looking for and tried it out, then went on to try the other mattresses (might as well, we were there). for just a little bit more money, john found something he liked. i have never seen a smile on his face as big as when he tried lying on the bed, not even when we found the pumpkin cheesecake.

while john was trying out the new beds, randy tried a few on for size (we still like our mattress better, but for the price, ikea isn't bad).

congrats john, sleep well.

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