Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hangin' with James

i've known james for 20 years. i met him in the 5th grade; he was the guy with the game boy. he left lindsey after the 6th grade to attend another school and i didn't hear from him again until i got to high school. i had moved to thailand and there he was again, standing in line at assembly. his parents had sent him to school there too. he went back to the US after the 9th grade and i didn't hear from him again until i got back here too. i'm not sure how i found him again, but i know i had found him online. he had told me that he deliberately tried to make it very easy for people to find him.

these days we both have busy lives and rarely get to see to each other. we both make an effort to hang out about every 6 months, it's what we do. we usually eat at macaroni grill or the elephant bar, then head back to his place to see his new toys, play video games, or just show each other the latest cool thing we've found.

this time he showed me he showed me pictures from his latest trip to japan. he really needs to blog about it (hint, hint james). there was a picture of him and his friends at some restaurant and it's interesting enough, but hearing the stories behind the pictures is so much better. apparently it's an all you can drink place. you pay a flat rate in the beginning and for the next hour or hour and a half you can drink all you want: beer, wine, sake, hard alcohol. it's a lush's dream come true.

we then took a look at his latest blue ray collection and watched the new star trek trailer (yes, i watch star trek).

james asked me what i was up to and i told him about the usual work, school, and more work, but i also mentioned that i've been blogging a lot. he looked at my blog and somehow got to talking about web sites. james is going to help me redo my web site. thank goodness. the hardest thing is figuring out content. now that he's going to handle the design end of this, i can concentrate on the content. i still don't know what i want on there.

for many years james has been my personal tech support guy. he helps me with so many projects. if my little mac is sick, he helps me fix it; if i need a new hard drive, he'll recommend one; if i need video editing, he's there for me. yes, james is a very talented film editor. check out his stuff at

it's nice to have a friend that has known you for so long (and still likes you), that enjoys beer as much as you do, and can understand when i talk tech. he knows just what i mean when i say that i want my picture sized to 800 pixels on the longest side. i think he appreciates it when i say pixels and not inches when it comes to screen size and that i'll send him the hexadecimal codes for the color scheme i want rather than say i want it a darker red and black.

james, thanks for putting up with me all these years.

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